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By Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry
March 25, 2021
Category: Dental Health
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It’s common for children to experience cavities, but there are ways to help prevent them. Along with teaching your kids proper oral hygiene habits, it may be beneficial to consider discussing dental sealants with your child’s dentist. Dr. Jaclyn Bae at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry in Yorba Linda, CA, is here to answer any questions you may have about dental sealants and explain how they can help your child’s smile.

How Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Sealants are designed to fill in the crevasses of the teeth. This protects the teeth from getting food particles stuck in them, which otherwise could cause cavities. The application is fast and painless and can protect your child’s teeth for years. Sealants are best for the first molars, which pop up around age six, and then the second molars which occur around age twelve.

Sealants act as a barrier to block off food from getting stuck to the teeth and feeding the bacteria that cause cavities. The sooner a sealant is applied to a tooth, the more effective it will be. Children benefit the most from sealants because their teeth are newer and are less likely to have any damage happen to their teeth at a young age. More than 65 percent of cavities happen in the grooves of teeth and spaces between teeth and can likely be prevented by the application of sealants.

With proper care and regular checkups from your child’s dentist in Yorba Linda, CA, sealants can last a few years. It’s important to make sure that your child has a proper oral hygiene routine, consisting of daily brushing and flossing, and that you’re bringing them for regular checkups as recommended by their dentist.

Contact Your Child’s Dentist Today!

It’s important to protect your child’s teeth at a young age to help prevent any signs of decay and to help prevent your child from experiencing any cavities. Contact Dr. Bae at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry in Yorba Linda, CA, to ask any questions and to see if sealants are the best choice to protect your child! Call (714) 660-1890 today!

By Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry
June 23, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Along with visiting our Yorba Linda, CA, pediatric dentist Dr. Jaclyn Bae every six months for routine checkups and cleanings there is a wide range of habits and things you can do with your child to help them keep their teeth and gums healthy and free of decay and disease. Good oral health starts at home. Practice good oral hygiene and show your child how to maintain a healthy smile. Follow these helpful oral care tips with children in mind.

Start Good Oral Habits Early

Even before your child’s teeth erupt you should be using a damp washcloth to clean their gums once a day. Once their first tooth erupts, you should begin to brush their teeth using a baby toothbrush once per day. Until children are old enough to brush and floss their own teeth, parents will need to do this for them. Of course, you can use this as a teachable moment, talking them through how and why you are brushing and flossing their teeth.

Make Sure Your Child is Getting Enough Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that can strengthen tooth enamel and reduce your child’s risk for cavities. Children often get enough fluoride by drinking the local tap water; however, if there isn’t fluoride in your tap water then you should talk to our Yorba Linda children’s dentist about getting fluoride treatment. Of course, too much of a good thing can be bad and too much fluoride can lead to discolorations in your child’s teeth, so make sure you talk with our dentist before adding more fluoride to your child’s diet.

Limit Sugar Consumption

This is an obvious habit but it bears repeating. Sugar in any form, from candy and dessert to fruit juices can wear away tooth enamel and cause cavities. Therefore, it’s important to read the labels on all foods to look for hidden sugars that could increase your family’s risk for cavities.

Visit Our Office Twice a Year

Along with proper at-home care, it’s important that you also bring your child every six months for cleanings and checkups. These visits are a great way to monitor your child’s developing smile. While we hope to give every child that walks through our doors a clean bill of health, these checkups are also important because they allow us to spot problems like decay early on when they are easily treatable and haven’t caused serious damage to your child’s smile.

Whether you want to discuss orthodontic treatment, you need to schedule your child’s next routine checkup or you want to discuss dental sealants or other preventive treatment options, Dr. Jaclyn Bae at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry in Yorba Linda, CA, is here to provide your child or teen with the comprehensive dental care they need. Call (714) 660-1890.

By Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry
July 21, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Healthy teeth start with good oral hygiene practices beginning at a very young age. Dr. Jaclyn Bae, your Yorba Linda, CA pediatric child's dentistdentist at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, explains how letting your baby sleep with a bottle can lead to cavities.


What causes the problem?

If your baby falls asleep with the nipple in their mouth, small amounts of milk leak out and collect around the teeth. While your child sleeps, the sugars in the milk combine with the bacteria in their mouth to form acids that attack tooth enamel and cause cavities. The problem can occur even if you put expressed breast milk in a bottle.


Are cavities really an issue if my baby only has a few teeth?

Cavities can occur at any age and can happen even if your child only has one tooth. Although some people don't think cavities in baby teeth are a cause for concern, these teeth act as place holders for your child's adult teeth. If they lose one or more teeth, there may no longer be enough space for their permanent teeth.


How can I help my child avoid the problem?

Some parents simply stop giving their babies a bottle at night or substitute water for milk. However, many babies and toddlers will protest very loudly if you try to force them to abruptly give up their nightly bottles. If your child doesn't appreciate the substitution, slowly make the change to water only. Decrease the amount of milk in the bottle gradually. Gradually decrease the amount of milk until the bottle only contains water.


How can I make sure that my baby doesn't already have cavities?

Regular visits to your child's Yorba Linda dentist will help you ensure that tooth decay is detected and treated in its earliest stages. Pediatric dentists recommend that young children visit the dentist within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or at age one at the latest.


Is it time for your child's dental exam? Call Dr. Jaci, your Yorba Linda, CA pediatric dentist, at (714) 660-1890 to schedule a convenient appointment time. Protect your child's oral health with regular dental examinations.