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By Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry
October 08, 2021
Category: Dental Health

How your pediatric dentist in Yorba Linda, CA, can help your child’s smile

You may have a lot of questions about your baby’s smile and what to expect. Baby teeth, also known as primary or deciduous teeth, have different growth and eruption rates, depending on the individual characteristics of your child. They also fall out at different rates and times, to make room for permanent teeth.

But what happens when baby teeth don’t fall out? Your pediatric dentist has the answer to this and other questions about your child’s smile. Dr. Jaclyn Bae at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry in Yorba Linda, CA, provides comprehensive dental services for children, and she can help your child’s smile too.

There are averages to tooth eruption and tooth loss, but these can vary by several months. A delay in eruption or a delay in tooth loss is a very common issue, and in most cases, you don’t need to be concerned. Consider the following timeline:

  • At 6 to 10 months, the lower front teeth erupt
  • At 8 to 12 months, the upper front teeth erupt
  • At 10 to 16 months, the lower lateral front teeth erupt
  • At 9 to 13 months, the upper lateral front teeth erupt
  • At 17 to 23 months, the lower canines erupt
  • At 16 to 22 months, the upper canines erupt
  • At 14 to 31 months, the first and second lower molars erupt
  • At 13 to 33 months, the first and second upper molars erupt

Tooth loss can occur when your child is around 6 years old. The baby teeth usually fall out because a permanent tooth has formed underneath and is erupting. The pressure from the permanent tooth pushes the baby tooth out of the way, so the baby tooth falls out. But what happens if your child’s baby teeth don’t fall out?

This could be because the permanent tooth is erupting out of position and is not causing enough pressure to push the baby tooth out. In some cases, your pediatric dentist may suggest removing a baby tooth to make room for the permanent tooth.

Generally, delayed tooth loss is not something to worry about. When you bring your child in for regular dental visits, your pediatric dentist can monitor tooth eruption and tooth loss.

To learn more about the eruption and loss of primary teeth and other pediatric dentistry topics, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Jaclyn Bae of Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry in Yorba Linda, CA, at (714) 660-1890. Call now!