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Nutritional Counseling Pertaining To Dental Health
By Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry
September 23, 2020
Category: Dental Health

Here are the foods your child should have for a healthy smile.

Children need to develop healthy and strong teeth and gums that are capable of helping them chew food and develop speech. Of course, brushing, flossing, and routine checkups with our Yorba Linda, CA, pediatric dentist Dr. Jaclyn Bae are just some of the things you should be doing. The other way to support the development of healthy teeth and gums in your child is by following a smile-friendly diet.

Wondering what is involved in a smile-friendly diet? Here are some easy tips to remember to keep your child’s smile healthy:

Limit sugary treats

We all know that sugar causes cavities, so if your child’s diet is currently high in sugar, they are going to be more at risk for developing decay. You may even be surprised to discover all the products such as cereals and salad dressings that have hidden sugar. It’s important that if you do decide to treat your child to some sweets, that you do so right after eating when there is already enough saliva in the mouth to wash away sugar particles better.

Choose healthy snacks

Does your child immediately head for cookies or chips for snacks? While junk food doesn’t have to be an evil thing in your household, it is best enjoyed in moderation. Try to opt for healthier but still yummy snacks that will support your child’s growing smile but also satiate their appetite in a way that junk food can’t. Healthy snacks include string cheese or sliced cheeses such as Swiss or cheddar (which may even help keep teeth clean), as well as crunchy crisp veggies like raw broccoli, carrots, or celery with hummus or crackers.

Say “yes” to water

We know that juice and sodas may be fun to consume, but they shouldn’t be a regular part of your child’s diet (think of these items as treats, just like dessert). They should be consumed conservatively because juices and sodas contain a high amount of sugar, which can damage teeth. Instead, make sure that your child is getting enough water every day.

Make sure your child is getting calcium

Calcium doesn’t just keep your child’s bones strong and healthy, it is also necessary for the development of strong, healthy teeth. While milk is a great source of calcium, other wonderful sources include yogurt, spinach, white beans, and edamame. If you’re having trouble incorporating certain nutrients into your child’s diet, our Yorba Linda CA pediatric dentist is happy to provide suggestions during your child’s next checkup.

If you have questions about your child’s current diet, contact our Yorba Linda, CA, pediatric dentist today. Turn to the friendly, smiling team at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry for nutritional advice by calling (714) 660-1890 for an appointment with Dr. Jaclyn Bae.