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Don't Let your Dental Anxiety Rub off on Your Kids!

Dental Anxiety Yorba Linda, CASeeing a dentist as a child can be overwhelming to some children. All the unfamiliar sounds and tools can be unintentionally frightening. Pediatric Dentistry Specializes in making that experience as enjoyable as possible. Here at Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, We are here to help lessen that fear and make your child feel as comfortable as possible. When a child can sense that a parent is anxious or nervous about an appointment, it can also create some dental anxiety in children. This is why choosing a dental home that you are comfortable with is so important. Parents should remain calm and hide their anxieties to help their children feel more comfortable. Can a parent’s dental anxiety rub off on their child? We believe that the answer is yes. According to a study conducted by Delta Dental, “Children are often influenced by their parents' fears and squeamish attitudes towards dental treatment (Delta Dental).”  Learning to manage your dental anxiety will help you to not pass down your dental anxiety to your children. It is important for parents to face their dental fears to help their children see that the dentist is not a bad thing. There are many ways for you to help combat your dental fears and calm the minds of your little ones:

  • Maintain your own oral hygiene and continue to encourage your children to maintain theirs as well.
  • Avoid negative talk about the dentist. Using the right verbiage can really help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Choose a Dentist that you and your whole family feel comfortable with. This will allow you to create a relationship with the dentist so you and your children feel safe.
  • Prepare before hand and talk to your dentist about your anxiety. Let them help ease your mind and the mind of your child.
  • Expose your child to the Dentist and create good oral hygiene habits as early as possible.

Try to refrain from telling your child stories of negative experiences with the dentist and focus on all of the positive things that a child will gain from seeing a dentist. It is very important to understand that it is okay to reach out to your health care professional for help. Talking with your dentist, and your child’s dentist, can help in many ways. Help ease anxiety by stopping by for a tour of our office before your appointment (provided that the child is old enough to benefit). Check out our website for more tips and tricks to prepare your child for their first dental visit.




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